A-Plus Service Agreements

Studies show that properly maintained heating and cooling systems last years longer than neglected equipment. At AMAR Inc, we offer A-Plus Maintenance Agreements that maintain warranty compliance and preserve the safety and performance of your air conditioner/furnace. We will schedule a spring and fall checkup for cooling and heating maintenance. This is your best insurance from having a breakdown during extreme weather.

At AMAR Inc, our primary goal is to maximize your comfort level, year-round. As part of this commitment, we offer affordable inspections and maintenance agreements that protect the performance and longevity of major home and business systems.

Regular Maintenance will:

Prevent small problems from becoming big problems

Ensure optimal performance of your comfort system

Provide longer lasting equipment

Reduce utility bills

Reduce repairs

Provide a more comfortable indoor environment

Protect your investment

Regular Maintenance will:

Two Performance Tune-ups Per Year (Spring/Fall)

Priority Service & Customer Scheduling

10% Off Replacement Parts

10% Off New Unit Purchases

Peace of Mind

Heating Maintenance Checklist

Clean burner assembly

Clean ignition assembly

Clean blower motor

Inspect filtration system

Adjust blower components

Lubricate moving parts as required

Test and adjust safety controls

Tighten electrical connections

Calibrate thermostat

Check flue draft

Check combustion

Inspect vent piping

Make recommendations of any needed repairs to system

Inspect heat exchanger

Clean and inspect humidification system

Cooling Maintenance Checklist

Clean condenser coil

Inspect evaporator coil if accessible

Clean condensate drain

Clean blower motor

Inspect filtration system

Adjust blower components

Lubricate moving parts as required

Inspect for refrigerant leaks

Test condensate pump

Tighten electrical connections

Test starting components

Measure air temperature differential

Monitor refrigerant pressure

Measure amperage and voltage

To learn more or to get started call Sal “the A/C GUY”


Your technician will determine if there are any repairs
necessary to your system. Those will be brought to your attention and an estimate will be agreed upon before work begins.